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 Copper Washers Copper  Flat Washers Copper Sealing Washers

We are manufacturers of all types of COPPER  WASHERS from India and have installed capacity of 120 tons per month. We offer various Copper pressed Washers Copper flat washers Copper punched washers plain washers to various standards for sealing and engine kits. We also Offer Copper gaskets sealing gaskets and pressed washers from sheet metal. 

Flat Washers made from Copper and Brass are often used within plumbing, automotive engines, piping, electronics, household appliances, and biomedical applications as copper is malleable and ductile– a biostatic surface that is a good conductor of heat and, when very pure, a good conductor of electricity. With outside diameters of 3mm to 125mm and a wide variety of inside diameters, you have millions of copper flat washer Brass flat washers possibilities available to choose from. We have our own tool room and can quickly tool up special custom made COPPER WASHERS


 We manufacture following types of COPPER WASHERS :

  • DIN 125 Copper washers Flat washers
  • DIN 126 Copper Washers
  • DIN 7603 Copper sealing Washers
  • Copper Thrust washers Bronze Thrust Washers
  • BS 4320 Copper washers Type A and B 
  • Brass Cup Washers Brass DIn 125 Washers
  • Brass Flat Washers IS0 7089 Brass Washers
  • ISO 7089 Copper Washers Bronze washers
  • Bronze Spring Washers
  • Brass threaded washers Copper threaded washers
  • Brass chamfered washers
  • Copper Fender washers Multitooth lock washers Copper lock washers
  • ISO 7091 Plain Copper washers 
  • BS standard BA BSF BSW Washers
  • Copper machined washers Serrated washers 
  • Brass Machined Washers
  • Copper C washers
  • Copper Cup washers Copper screw Cups


MATERIAL : Electrolytic Copper sheets, Brass Sheets 70:30 CUZN


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