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We are manufacturers exporters and suppliers of BRASS FORGING BRASS FORED COMPONENTS BRASS FORGED PARTS Copper forging from our factory in GIDC Jamnagar INDIA. We have latest hydraulic Brass forging Brass stamped parts Brass hot stamped components etc.

We shall be happy to offer you a complete forged component supply to your specification. A full range of forging presses, both mechanical crank and friction screw presses ranging from 100 Ton to 400 Ton, are available. We offer Brass cold forging Brass hot forging Brass hot forged parts Brass hot forged components. We can also offer CNC machined Brass forged parts and Brass forgings. We offer Brass forged nuts, Brass forged hose nipples, Brass forged tees, Brass forged elbows, Brass forged flare fittings , Brass forged gas fittings, Brass forged components forged Fittings etc.


Alloys for Brass forgings: Alloy 464 or C464000 to 467000 bar; brass; brass forging shapes; brass forgings; bronze; bronze forging shapes; copper; copper alloy; copper alloy forgings; copper alloy forging bar; copper alloy forging rod; copper alloy forging shapes; copper forging bar; copper forging rod; copper forging shapes; copper forgings; copper nickel; copper nickel forging rod; copper nickel forgings; hot forging; hot forging stock; C11000; C14500; C14700; C87700; C87710; UNS C49340; UNS C49350; UNS C49360; UNS C69300; UNS C87700; UNS  UNS Alloy Nos. C27450; C35330; C36500; C37000; C37700; C46400; C48200; C48500; C48600; C49250; C49255; C49260; C49300; C49340; C49350; C49355; C49360; C61900; C62300; C63000; C63200; C64200; C64210; C65500; C67500; C67600; C69300; C70620; C71520; C77400; UNS Nos. C87710; UNS C11000--rod/bar/shapes;

We also offer Brass forged parts and Brass forged components Brass forgings from : UNS C14500 (phosphorus deoxidized copper, tellurium bearing);  Aluminum bronzes--specifications; Aluminum-silicon bronze--specifications; Brass forgings; UNS C14700 (sulfur-bearing copper); UNS C36500 (leaded Muntz metal, uninhibited); UNS C37700 (forging brass); UNS C46400 (naval brass, uninhibited); UNS C48200 (naval brass, medium leaded); UNS C48500 (naval brass, high leaded); UNS C49300; UNS C61900 (aluminum bronze);Brass plate/sheet/strip/rolled bar; Brass forging parts



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