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We are largest Indian manufacturers (in Jamnagar) of Brass and Bronze (all Copper alloys) spade terminals for transformer LV and HV bushings. These Transformer spades and Spade terminals are offered in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses. We offer Bronze Spades for transformers from 2 holes up to 20 holes, but larger sizes are available. We also offer in-line or “G” spade styles, with or without tangs (an anti-rotation device), and imperial or metric dimensions.  Our Bronze casting foundry uses alloys like CDA 83300  CDA11000, SPADE: CDA 84400 Brass alloy 37700 etc. We can offer Tin plated finish and hardware like Brass nuts and Copper studs.

Our Bronze Transformer Spade Terminals and Bronze Spades for transformers offer a superior solution for high-current electrical connections in transformers, switchgear, and other heavy-duty applications. Crafted from premium-quality bronze alloy, these spade terminals deliver exceptional conductivity, corrosion resistance, and mechanical strength, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.


Key Features of our Bronze Transformer Spade Terminals and Bronze Spades for transformers :

  1. Durable Bronze Construction:
    • Manufactured from high-conductivity Bronze alloy
    • Exceptional corrosion resistance for prolonged service life
    • Robust mechanical strength to withstand vibrations and harsh conditions
  2. Precision Machining:
    • Precisely machined for a perfect fit and secure connections
    • Smooth surfaces minimize resistance and heat buildup
    • Consistent dimensions for interchangeability and easy installation
  3. High Current Capacity:
    • Designed to handle high-current loads efficiently
    • Minimizes voltage drop and power losses
    • Suitable for a wide range of transformer and switchgear applications
  4. Versatile Termination Options:
    • Available in various stud sizes and configurations
    • Accommodates diverse cable and busbar terminations
    • We can offer NEMA spacing on spades and spade terminals


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