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Copper pressed Parts Copper Pressing and Presswork
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 Copper Pressed Parts Copper Pressing and Presswork


 Copper pressed parts Copper Sheet metal Parts Copper Parts Copper Pressing and Copper Presswork


We offer high end Copper Pressed Parts , Copper Parts and quality Copper pressings and Copper presswork is produced in types of Copper and Bronze material.  We also manufacture and supply Copper Pressed and welded assemblies which are used for a wide variety of  uses and applications in automotive and electrical components as well as numerous other industries.


Pressed copper parts and Brass pressed components of all sizes and volumes are produced using our automatic power presses. Copper Earth  bars . Pressed copper links, Copper earth tags, earth tabs Copper bus bars, Copper Connectors, Copper pressed electronic terminals, Electrical Transformer components, Brass Switchgear terminals and special Copper terminals are just some examples of the brass and copper pressings we currently manufacture at a competitive price.  Press tools can also be manufactured by us. 

Thickness of Copper pressed Parts: from 0.3mm to 5mm in Copper sheet thickness

Plating of Copper Pressed parts and Components: Tin, Silver, Nickel etc.





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