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Copper Parts and Components India is a manufacturer supplier from india of Copper Olives Copper Ferrules Copper Compression Fittings   Crimping Olives Ferrules Brass Olives from Copper Parts , Annealed Copper olives ferrules,
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Copper Olives  For Compression Fittings Copper Ferrules Copper Compression Olives Crimping Olives Brass Olives

Copper Olives are machined from high grade Copper tubes and are used with Copper and Brass compression  fittings Like Elbows, tees, Couplers, Standpipes, Tank Connectors, Bushings etc.

These Copper olives and Copper crimping Ferrules Copper Crimp olives are turned on our Japanese CNC turning centers and are made with very close tolerance for metric and imperial size Copper /Pex and plastic tubes. When the nut is tightened in compression fitting, these annealed copper olives collapse and clasp the tube/pipe with perfection. We also Offer Brass olives and ferrules for the pipe fittings / gas fittings / plumbing fittings /air conditioning / refrigeration industry. The sizes we can offer are as follows-

  • 1/8" Copper Olives and Copper  Ferrules
  • 3/16" Copper Olives and Copper  Ferrules
  • 1/4" Copper Olives and Copper  Ferrules
  • 5/16" Copper Olives and Copper  Ferrules
  • 3/8" Copper Olives and Copper  Ferrules
  • 1/2" Copper Olives and Copper  Ferrules
  • 3/4" Copper Olives and Copper  Ferrules
  • 1" Copper Olives and Copper  Ferrules
  • 8mm Copper crimping olives and ferrules
  • 10mm Copper crimping olives and ferrules
  • 12mm Copper crimping olives and ferrules
  • 15mm Copper crimping olives and ferrules
  • 18mm Copper crimping olives and ferrules
  • 22mm Copper crimping olives and ferrules
  • 28mm Copper crimping olives and ferrules

Material for  Copper Olives : High Quality 99.9% Copper annealed soft tubes. Also we can make Brass Ferrules from 70:30 (Copper/Zinc) Brass alloy tubes.

Finish : natural Copper or Silver plated.

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