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We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers from India of all types of Copper gaskets Copper sealing gaskets Copper pressed gaskets and seals. They are used with flanges, automotive engines / bodies and for multiple engineering applications.


copper-gasket-copper-gaskets Three key Benefits of COPPER GASKETS:

  • Better Conductivity.  Copper is the standard by which all other conductors are measured, therefore a copper gasket provides superior thermal conductivity, acting to stabilize head and block temperatures which makes tuning easier.
  • Superior strength.  Copper (in the form we use) has a tensile strength of approximately 32,000psi, compare this to the 1200 to 1800psi tensile of most facing materials used on conventional performance head gaskets.
  • 25% Elasticity coefficient .  One of the properties of copper is that it stretches before final failure, hence  providing an extra measure of safety in case of severe stretch.


copper-gasket-copper-gaskets  Types of Copper gaskets

  • Copper exhaust gaskets
  • Flathead Copper Header Flange Gaskets head gaskets
  • Copper gaskets for oil pump mounting
  • Copper collector gaskets
  • Copper seals Copper seal gaskets
  • Copper sealing Washers and gaskets
  • Copper Muffler gaskets
  • Fluid sealing Copper gaskets
  • Copper jacketed O rings
  • Copper Engine gaskets
  • Copper Jacketed Gaskets made from graphite, ceramic, non-asbestos etc.

Over and above Copper faskets we can also offer red fibre gaskets Vulcanised fibre gaskets  Fibre washers and other sealing materials like cloth felt

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