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Ferrules Copper Ferrule for Wire Ropes
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 Ferrules Copper Ferrule for Wire Ropes





The copper  ferrule / Copper press clamps,  Brass ferrules, Copper rpessed ferrules, etc are used in a various of applications, for instance within the Yachting industry and a lot of mechanical assemblies. They are produced seamless for added safety and higher strength and power. They are fully traceable (ISO 9001) and marked with size, type and manufacturing batch number. 

  • Copper Ferrule 1/16"
  • Copper Ferrule 3/32"
  • Copper Ferrule 1/8"
  • Copper Ferrule 5/32"
  • Copper Button Stop 1/16"
  • Copper Button Stop 3/32"
  • Copper Button Stop 1/8"
  • Copper Button Stop 5/32"
  • Copper Button Stop 3/16"

The copper ferrule   is intended for stainless steel wire rope to avoid galvanic corrosion. It is available in sizes from 1 - 30. The pressing of TCU-ferrules requires approx 25% higher pressure than the corresponding T-ferrule of aluminium alloy. Copper ferrules and copper button stops have efficient cold forming properties, and are ideal for non-rusting permanent splices. These sleeves and buttons are 99% pure copper and the mass of copper provides excellent holding strnegth.

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