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Copper bus bars are typically used in high current, low voltage distribution and control equipment. Usual bus bar applications include  electrical wiring systems, low and high oltage switchgear, panel boards,control panels, communication equipments, switchboards, and feeds to heavy electrical uses in commercial and industrial installations and buildings.

Bus bars can be made from copper or aluminum, but copper bus bars Copper threaded earth bars provide better electrical conductivity. Because of copper's greater electrical conductivity, smaller bus bars can be used, reducing costs. Copper bus bars have better resistance to corrosion, providing longer life cycles as well as improved performance in harsh environments. Threaded option offers tightening of Bolts / screws at regular intervals.





Threaded Copper Busbars

  • Electrolytic Copper grade
  • Rounded corners offer smooth handling
  • Thickness - from 1.8 to 9 mm
  • Length - from 900 to 2100 mm


PART No WIDTH (mm) HEIGHT (mm) LENGTH (mm) Bore SIZE (mm)
CPC400 25 4 1750 10.6
CPC410 50 4 1750 10.6
CPC420 63 4 1750 10.6
CPC430 80 4 1750 10.6
CPC440 100 4 1750 10.6
CPC450 125 4 1750 10.6
CPC350 50 9 1750 10.6
CPC360 60 9 1750 10.6
CPC370 80 9 1750 10.6
CPC380 100 9 1750 10.6
CPC390 120 9 1750 10.6

For rigid electrical connections, copper bus bars offer a very efficient solution. Resistivity in copper bars is  very low, 25 in^2 bar 1 foot long is only 0.0000329 Ohms - roughly 8 Watts lost at 500 Amps. 

Coatings like Silver, tin or nickel plating for copper bus bars is necessary in high temperature applications. At DC to 60Hz there is some controversy as to which plating is the best because while silver has the highest conductivity, it  is also more noble than copper so it will actually accelerate corrosion wherever the plating gets scratched.   

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