Copper parts Copper components
Copper parts Copper components

Copper Parts and Components is the Flagship Company of the CM group engaged in manufacturing and export of high quality non-ferrous metal castings, components and wiring accessories. We have been producing inexpensive but precision metal components at our three manufacturing sites since more than 3 decades. We produce all types of Copper Parts, Copper Clamps, Copper Washers, Copper Electrical Terminals, Brass Hose Barbs, Hose Fittings Couplings, Brass Turned Parts, CNC Turned Parts, Copper Machined Parts, Brass Inserts, Plastic Moulding Inserts, CNC components, Brass Nuts, Copper Lay in Lugs, Copper Forgings, Copper Pressed Parts, Copper Terminal Blocks, Copper Cable lugs etc.


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A yearn for specialization and total commitment to quality saw us succeed in local as well as overseas markets as a leading manufacturer of Copper parts and Copper Components form India. Professional engineering expertise combined with competitive but skilled Indian labor helped it to capture the high quality conscious markets of Western Europe and U.S.A. We pride on offering cost effective solutions to the exacting needs of our customers. The in-house foundry and innovative concept of one-piece die casting / machining gives the company a distinct competitive edge over the rivals. Strict quality checks are carried out at different stages of manufacturing and only that material which passes stringent norms finds its way into the market.

The list of products is by no means exhaustive and being a dynamic group we are always keen on adding new products to our range. Here are some outstanding products :

  • Copper Brass Bolts Nuts Screws Fasteners
  • Brass Turned Parts Components
  • Bronze Casting Copper Casting
  • Bronze Fittings Bronze Pipe Fittings
  • Bronze Hose Fittings Brass Hose Barbs
  • CNC Turned Parts Machined Components
  • CNC Turned Parts Machined Components
  • Copper Clamps Copper Pipe Clips
  • Copper Earthing Grounding Connectors Clamps
  • Copper Fasteners
  • Copper Terminal Blocks
  • Copper Fittings Copper Pipe Fittings
  • Copper Forging Stamping Forged Stamped Parts Components
  • Copper Lugs Cable Connectors Cable Terminals
  • Moulding Inserts Threaded Inserts
  • Pressed Parts Sheet Metal Pressed Components
  • Copper Washers Flat Washers

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