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Copper parts and Components India is a leading producer of Copper Machiend parts pressed components Copper terminals Copepr casting, electrical components pipe fittings for exports. We are a 100% Export orinted unit located in Gujarat with exports to 28 countries including UK USA Canada Sweden Australia etc.
We employ 120 people and satisy needs of leading OEMs in USA, UK, germany, Canada, Australia , France etc. for their needs of Brass and Copper parts and components.

The Copper casting and forging facilities are present within our manufacturing locations. This enables us to provide quality product and identification of each supply, with material traceability throughout the process. All our plans are focused on giving our clients the latest and the best quality product.We also have latest CNC pressing and turning centers which can assure high quality Copper parts and components for end users.

Customers and Application of Products

  • fastening and Automotive use
  • Electricity Generation and distribution
  • Power transformers
  • Plumbing and Sanitary
  • Air Conditioning and Coolants
  • Automobile,Railways,Aerospace, Defence
  • Switchgears and Control panels

 The list of products is by no means exhaustive and being a dynamic group we are always keen on adding new products to our range. Our specility is:-

  • Brass Bolts Nuts Screws Fasteners
  • Brass Turned parts Components
  • Bronze casting Copper Casting
  • Bronze Fittings Bronze Pipe Fittings
  • Bronze Hose Fittings Brass hose barbs
  • CNC turned parts Machined components
  • Copper bus bars Copper earth bars
  • Copper Clamps Copper pipe clips
  • Copper earthing Grounding connectors clamps
  • Copper Fasteners
  • Copper Fittings Copper Pipe Fittings
  • Copper forging Stamping Forged Stamped parts Components
  • Copper Lugs Cable Connectors Cable Terminals
  • Moulding inserts Threaded inserts
  • Pressed Parts Sheet metal Pressed Components
  • Washers Flat Washers
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