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 Copper Sealing Washers DIN 7603 Copper Washers







Code Copper Washer Sizes I.D 




Thickness in mm
CPC-0610 Copper Washer 6mm x 10mm M6 Metric 6.2 10.0 1.0
CPC-0811 Copper Washer 8mm x 11mm M8 Metric 8.2 11.5 1.0
CPC-0814 Copper Washer 8mm x 14mm M8 Metric 8.2 14.0 1.0
CPC-1013 Copper Washer 10mm x 13mm M10 Metric 10.2 13.5 1.0
CPC-1016 Copper Washer 10mm x 16mm M10 Metric 10.2 16.0 1.0
CPC-1215 Copper Washer 12mm x 15mm M12 Metric 12.2 15.5 1.5
CPC-1217 Copper Washer 12mm x 17mm M12 Metric 12.2 17.0 1.5
CPC-1418 Copper Washer 14mm x 18mm M14 Metric 14.2 18.0 1.5
CPC-1420 Copper Washer 14mm x 20mm M14 Metric 14.2 20.0 1.5
CPC-1620 Copper Washer 16mm x 20mm M16 Metric 16.2 20.0 1.5
CPC-1622 Copper Washer 16mm x 22mm M16 Metric 16.2 22.0 1.5
CPC-1822 Copper Washer 18mm x 22mm M18 Metric 18.2 22.0 1.5
CPC-2227 Copper Washer 22mm x 27mm M22 Metric 22.2 25.9 1.5
CPC-2631 Copper Washer 26mm x 31mm M26 Metric 26.2 31.0 2.0
CPC-3036 Copper Washer 30mm x 36mm M30 Metric 30.3 36.0 2.0


We are a large Indian manufacturer exporter and supplier of Copper washers , DIN 7603 Copper sealing washers. We have latest Japanese power presses which can churn out high quality Copper washers to close tolerances and various DIN standards including DIN 7603 . We also manufacture Copper seals , Copper flat washers, packing washers, and Copper sealing washers, Gaskets etc to customer specifications.


Packing: 200-500 pcs

Material: 99.9% Pure Copper sheet


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